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AKD/Cengage T&L Contest

AKD/Cengage Teaching & Learning Contest on "Present Innovations in Digital Pedagogy"

AKD and Cengage invite you to apply for the Teaching and Learning Contest on "Present Innovations in Digital Pedagogy".

Applications consist of a video submission and a completed survey. 
  • A three-minute video (100 MB or less) explaining the importance of digital activities in sociology courses and how you use digital assignments in your courses. Questions we are looking for you to answer: 
  1. State one sociology course you teach that will talk about in your video. 
  2. How are you using digital learning tools to address challenges in your sociology course? 
  3. What is your winning strategy with using digital tools to teach students?

Three $500 awards will be given out.

January 31, 2019


Survey and video submission link: