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Mentorship Program

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Mentee Application

Mentor Application



The main goal of the program is to provide an opportunity for all AKD members, both students and faculty, to connect and network with other AKD members and professionals in the field. This is especially beneficial to students from college that do not have graduate programs in sociology, those in MA programs who do not have doctorate programs, doctoral candidates on the job market, faculty navigating promotion and tenure, and individuals wanting to become more involved in AKD.

Virtual Program

All mentors and mentees must be lifetime members of Alpha Kappa Delta.

  • All participants must complete the mentor program agreement which will be sent to the mentoring pairs with the assignment email from the AKD Executive Office.
  • All participants agree to communicate once per month for a semester (or academic term) with their assigned mentoring partner (this meeting may be face-to-face, by phone, or virtual).
  • A mentor is defined as a professional who is more senior in the field than the protégé. (For example: a graduate student may mentor an undergraduate student; an AKD chapter representative may mentor a graduate student).
  • Mentors will make contact with their assigned mentee through email and/or by phone within a week (7 days) of receiving the assignment email from the AKD Executive Office.
  • The mentoring pair must agree to periodically check-in with the AKD Executive Office.
  • Those who complete the mentoring program will be recognized on the AKD website and/or social media pages.
  • Those current AKD members interested in being involved in the mentorship program (as mentee or mentor) must complete the mentorship program application.
  • Mentees and mentors will complete program evaluation materials.
Mentoring pairs who complete all requirements will receive a certificate of completion and be acknowledged on the AKD website and/or AKD social media sites.

AKD will provide funding for a gift (choice of an AKD pen or t-shirt) and certificate for the mentoring pairs who complete the program requirements.

Fall: September 15 | Spring: February 1

Please email applications to with an appropriate subject heading.