Alpha Kappa Delta
      The International Sociology Honor Society      
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Are you a member interested in placing an order for merchandise? Download the appropriate order form here!


(If you are a chapter representative looking to induct new members, click here for the correct form!)

Effective September 1, 2015: All orders containing merchandise will now include a shipping and handling fee. 
How to Place an Order

1. Download and fill out the AKD Member Order Form

2. Obtain a money order for the correct amount
- Please note we cannot accept individual student checks, credit cards, or cash
- If you would like your items sent via express mail, you may find the prices here
   *Express shipping (1 day) for one honor cord and/or lapel pin: $20

3. Mail the order form and money order to the following:

Alpha Kappa Delta
2507 James Street
Suite #210
Syracuse, NY 13206

4. Allow 1-2 weeks for processing and shipping.

Click an image below to see the full picture, price, and description.

Please note: The "Peace, Love, AKD" shirt and the "Varsity Style" shirt are more of a form fitting shirt; consider ordering up a size if you like your shirts on the baggy side. Thanks!