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Paper Competition and MFP Winners

:2016 Paper Competition Winners

Undergraduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Guillermo Alvarado, Southwestern University
Paper Title:
"'That Gay Gansta Shit': Identity Construction and Community Membership in Queer Rappers’ Musical Careers"

Second Place: Alina Drufovka, Colorado College
Paper Title: "Inequality in the Information Age: From the Digital Divide to the Usage Divide" 

Third Place: Jeong Hyun Oh, Cornell University 
Paper Title: "You Win or You Die: The Effect of Limited Resource on Child Mortality"

Graduate Student Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Penn Pantumsinchai, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Paper Title: “​Conflicting desires and prosumer control: A case study of an online fansubbing community” 

Second Place: Nathalie Rita, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Paper Title: “​Migrating to “Paradise”: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Letters to the Editor”

Third Place: 
Maria D. Valdovinos, George Mason University 
Paper Title:
“’Tiny Publics’ and the Extension of the Sociological Imagination to Systems: The Case of Criminal Justice”


Congratulations to:
Yader Lanuza

Yader R. Lanuza is a doctoral candidate at the University of California-Irvine. Yader’s dissertation examines immigrant-native differences in the contributions that children make to their households throughout the life course. Utilizing nationally representative data, he examines whether children in immigrant and native-born families provide academic, emotional, and financial resources to their household members from childhood to adulthood. In addition to his dissertation, Yader is involved in a number of collaborative projects that delve into his research interests in migration, immigrant incorporation, sociology of the family, sociology of education, the transition to adulthood, and economic sociology. His work has been published in a number of scholarly venues, including Sociological PerspectivesInternational Migration Review, and Teorija in praksa (Theory and Practice). Yader is a 2016-2017 Ford Foundation Dissertation Fellow and was the 2015 runner-up for the Beth B. Hess Scholarship from the Society for the Study of Social Problems. At his home institution, he was a Eugene Cota-Robles Fellow (2010-2014), a Faculty Mentor Fellow (2012), and received a departmental service award from his department (2013). He received a bachelor’s degree from Hampshire College and a master’s degree at New York University.