Chapter Dues / Voting Membership Renewal

AKD Voting Membership Renewal & Chapter Dues Form

Individuals serving as an AKD Chapter Representative and on the AKD Council must renew their AKD membership to be a Voting member for the 2025 calendar year per Article III, section 5 of the Constitution: “Chapter Representatives. Each Chapter of this Society shall have at least one Chapter Representative who shall be both a faculty member of the host academic institution and a Voting member of this society.” This takes place of annual chapter dues and runs on a calendar year.

Chapter Dues / Renewal Form
AKD Voting Membership Renewal & Chapter Dues Form

The cost of the annual/chapter dues is currently $50. We can accept a debit/credit card, check, or money order. If you would like to make a payment with a card, just email us the completed form with a note indicating you’d like to pay by card. We will send you a direct link to pay. Check with your department to see if they would be willing to cover this due.

Due Date
Dues run on a calendar year. Feel free to send in your renewal form and payment by the start of the 2025 calendar year to ensure active status for your chapter. If you would rather send in your renewal with your spring initiates order, that is fine so long as you are not applying for funding or other AKD programs. Any renewals we receive after July 2024 will be put towards the 2025 calendar year (unless not already active for 2024).

What if I do not renew?
Failure to do so may result in a chapter being placed in inactive status (inactive chapters cannot induct new members or participate in other AKD activities). Once a chapter turns in the necessary renewal from, the chapter will be removed from inactive status. Please note our office will not process any membership or merchandise orders after January 1, 2025 unless the chapter has sent in the renewal/chapter dues and payment for the 2025 calendar year.