Privacy Policy

Alpha Kappa Delta values personal privacy and considers access to all members’ personal information as being strictly confidential. Alpha Kappa Delta never sells or shares information about its members with anyone other than the local chapter at which a member is registered. If a member elects to receive issues of Alpha Kappa Delta’s journal, Sociological Inquiry, the appropriate information will be shared with the Publisher to receive access. Alpha Kappa Delta will respond only to an authorized agency’s inquiry to confirm a specific membership. We respect the membership’s importance of confidentiality and privacy.

Alpha Kappa Delta will not send unsolicited e-mail to any individual. Note: Entering into membership with Alpha Kappa Delta or becoming a chapter representative of Alpha Kappa Delta constitutes a relationship with Alpha Kappa Delta such that the Executive Office of Alpha Kappa Delta may see fit from time to time to communicate important information about the Society to the membership and its officers via e-mail. Members who wish not to receive this important membership information may be removed from the pertinent mailing list by advising the Executive Office to that effect, via an e-mail message to

Any person wanting to contact an Alpha Kappa Delta chapter for purposes such as, but not limited to, advertising, recommendations (books, speakers, guides, reference materials), research participation, or other third-party solicitations without Alpha Kappa Delta’s approval is strictly prohibited.

Alpha Kappa Delta is an organization and cannot affiliate, endorse, favor, advertise, or recommend one person’s (or organization’s) services, materials or surveys due to Alpha Kappa Delta being a nonprofit organization for the entire field of sociology.