Teaching and Learning Workshops
Alpha Kappa Delta is excited to bring you a series of virtual workshops on teaching and learning and/or other virtual sessions during 2021. 

Stand alone sessions:

  • Check back soon!

Teaching and Learning Certificate
The AKD Certificate Program in Teaching and Learning is designed to provide participants with a rich learning experience that will help them build their teaching portfolios and become more effective faculty in colleges and universities.

Graduate Student Lounge
This monthly project is for graduate students in sociology across universities, states, and countries to talk about practical topics related to academia, careers, advising, teaching, and much more.

AKD Mentorship Program
The purpose of this program is to provide an opportunity for all AKD members, both students and faculty, to connect and network with other AKD members and professionals in the field.
Deadline: Fall: September 15, 2021 | Spring: February 1, 2022

Graduate Student Representative on AKD Council
The purpose of this program is to provide direct student perspectives and ideas to Council, as well as provide an additional mentorship opportunity between Council and graduate students.
Deadline: Application submission — May 1, 2022 (applications are every 2 years)