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Teaching & Learning Resources

Upcoming Teaching and Learning Workshops and Other Virtual Events

We routinely update our teaching and learning resources here with documents from previous workshops. Feel free to review these resources and implement these techniques on your own.

AKD Virtual Workshop: July 14, 2021
Editors’ Panel

AKD Virtual Workshop: June 16, 2021
Teaching Post-Pandemic w/ Keynote Speaker Dr. Lisa Wade

AKD Virtual Workshop: April 16, 2021
Teaching the Capstone Course

AKD Virtual Workshop: March 26, 2021
Teaching the Intro Course

AKD Virtual Workshop: February 26, 2021
Teaching the Theory Course

AKD Virtual Workshop: January 22, 2021
Teaching the Methods Course

AKD Virtual Workshop: January 7, 2021
Editors’ Panel

AKD Virtual Workshop: December 10, 2020
Teaching in a Virtual World

AKD Virtual Workshop: November 12, 2020
Teaching About Race


Centennial Celebration

Alpha Kappa Delta held a virtual celebration on November 5, 2020 to celebrate its centennial! Check out the special talk given by our 2020 Distinguished Lecturer, Dr. David Embrick, titled, “Racism in Academia and the Importance of Mentoring, Critical Self-Reflection, and Institutional Support”