Initiation Speaker Grant

Initiation Speaker Grant Application


Alpha Kappa Delta will provide funds to bring a speaker to your chapter’s induction ceremony. This program is meant to support grants paid to these induction ceremony speakers, especially to offset travel costs. For 2022-2023, this event may be held virtually or in-person depending on your institution’s policies.

Amount Eligible for Funding

Alpha Kappa Delta will approve up to $500 per academic year upon approval of an application.

Please note the amount requested may not be what you are approved for as the amount available is prorated based on the number of eligible requests received in our office.


  • Chapters must be active and in good standing with the Executive Office in order to receive funding
  • Initiation Speaker Grants may only be used towards bringing a speaker to an Alpha Kappa Delta induction ceremony
    • Speaker Grants checks are cut directly to the speaker
  • No more than $500.00 will be granted for support per academic year
  • Applications must be reasonable. Funding levels depend on the plausibility of applications.
  • We cannot fund an employee or current student from the applying institution
  • Requests must be sent before the date of the induction ceremony


Fall deadline: September 25, 2022
Winter deadline: January 31, 2023
Spring deadline: February 28, 2023

*Deadlines are the dates in which applications are reviewed. Spring Initiation Speaker Grants may be sent in at the fall or winter deadline. Requests are, however, reviewed in the order received and are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Funds are limited. Alpha Kappa Delta holds the right to fund less than the amount requested.


The following form must be completed and emailed to us before the date of the induction ceremony:

Initiation Speaker Grant Application