Student Member Research Travel Grant


Winter/Spring 2021 Support

Due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions, meetings are beginning to announce they will have a virtual conference. For this reason,  Alpha Kappa Delta cannot provide travel funds. We would like to continue supporting our members, though, and will be accepting applications from chapters to reimburse for registration fees for those students who are on the program at an AKD supported regional meeting (as listed below).

For virtual conferences being held in the winter/spring of 2021, the AKD student travel program will be guided by the following principles:
  • students must be members of AKD
  • students must have papers accepted for presentation and listed on the program (confirmation required)
  • AKD will reimburse registration fees and other reasonable expenses
  • the total amount eligible for a chapter’s application can not exceed $1,200.00.


Winter: January 31, 2021 | Spring: February 28, 2021


Submit the Winter/Spring 2021 AKD Student Research Funding Application to

Student Member Research Travel Grant Information (when travel is permitted)


This travel grant helps offset travel costs to current Alpha Kappa Delta student members to present a paper or poster at a regional sociology meeting. Sociological regional meetings Alpha Kappa Delta currently funds include the following:

  • Eastern Sociological Society
  • Mid-South Sociological Association
  • Midwest Sociological Society
  • North Central Sociological Association
  • Pacific Sociological Association
  • Southern Sociological Society

Alpha Kappa Delta does not fund those traveling to the annual American Sociological Association (ASA) meetings. Please visit ASA’s website at for information on their student funding travel program.

Amount Eligible for Funding

Upon approval of the application, Alpha Kappa Delta may fund up to $400 per student, but no more than $1,200 per chapter per academic year.

Please note the amount requested may not be what you are approved for as the amount available is prorated based on the number of eligible requests received in our office. There will be no prepayment of funds.


  • One application per chapter – combine all requests if students are attending different regional meetings
  • Funding is for current undergraduate and graduate Alpha Kappa Delta student members only
    • For application purposes, we will accept multiple membership orders per semester
    • Applications for membership must be received in the Executive Office before the deadline
  • Students must be presenting at a session or presenting a poster to receive funding
    • For application purposes, we will only need a student’s abstract that has been/will be sent to the regional society in order to approve funding (it does not need to be officially approved for presentation at the conference by our deadline).
  • Only students who have completed travel release forms are eligible for support
  • Chapters must be active and in good standing with the Executive Office in order to receive funding
  • Applications must be reasonable. Funding levels depend on the plausibility of applications. Payment amounts depend on the accuracy and completeness of the application.


*Deadlines are the dates in which applications are reviewed. Spring travel applications may be sent in at the fall and winter deadline. Requests are, however, reviewed in the order received and are on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Remember that funds are limited. Alpha Kappa Delta holds the right to fund less than the amount requested.