Graduate Student Representative on Council

Graduate Student Nomination Form

Alpha Kappa Delta is seeking nominations for a Graduate Student Representative position to AKD’s Council with a term beginning in August 2020.

Eligibility: A PhD student in good standing in a graduate program in Sociology; active member of Alpha Kappa Delta at the time of nomination for the position; nominated by a current chapter representative or Council member; will not have served in this capacity previously.

Expectations: Will attend the AKD Council meetings and other AKD events during the tenure of the appointment, initially as an incoming representative and then as a full representative; will mentor the incoming graduate student representative; will serve on a Council committee of his/her choice; will serve the full term of the appointment.

Terms of Office: Two years; term will be August 2020-August 2021.

Nomination Deadline: Nominations should be sent no later than May 1, 2020 and sent in by the nominator. Send nominations to AKD’S Executive Office via email.