2022 Paper Competition Winners

Undergraduate Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Ema Smith, Colorado College
Paper Title: “Complicating Police Culture: Police Perspectives on Blue Lives Matter and the Thin Blue Line”

Second Place: Glennan Keldin, Chapman University
Paper Title: “A Game of Tips: The Social Function of Social Media Activism”

Third Place: Katie Trinh, Colorado College
Paper Title: “I Was Accepted Here, But Am I Actually Accepted Here?: The Role of Race, High School Background, and Social Networks in Student Belonging at a Small, Predominantly White College”

Graduate Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Sara Wozniak, University of Montana
Paper Title: “Sexual Harassment is My Job”

Second Place: Shayna Morrison, Kent State University
Paper Title: “Toward a Sociological Framework of Touch: Virtual Affectionate Touch and the Stress-Buffering Effect”

Third Place: Gabriele Gomez, Oklahoma State University
Paper Title: “Becoming an ‘Anti-Diet’ Dietitian: Dietitians’ Mobilization into the Health at Every Size Movement”