2023 Paper Competition Winners

Undergraduate Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Monica Yike Gao, University of California – Berkeley
Paper Title: “A Marker of Assimilation?: Comparison between Chinese and Indian Immigrant Parents’ Naming Practices”

Second Place: Ethan Hyslop, Macalester College
Paper Title: “Who Gets the Job? Social Reproduction through Student Employment Hiring”

Third Place: Andra Metcalfe, Colorado College
Paper Title: “Being Developed Without Being Involved: Assessing the Impact of the Opportunity Zone Program on Residents”

Graduate Paper Competition Winners

First Place: Garrett Pekarek, Washington University in St. Louis
Paper Title: “Does Knowledge about Historical U.S. Intervention Shape Attitudes about Refugee Deservingness? Evidence from a Survey Experiment”

Second Place: Tiffanie Vo, Indiana University, Bloomington
Paper Title: “Parenthood Premiums and Penalties among Asian American Workers: Exploring Income Differences Across Gender, Marriage, and Parenthood”

Third Place: Anne Johnson, Portland State University
Paper Title: “‘We always got our blood’: A Discourse Analysis of News Covering Law Enforcement Phlebotomy in the United States”