AKD Teaching and Learning Workshops (and other virtual sessions)

Teaching and Learning Certificate

Past T&L Workshop Resources

Upcoming Workshops/Virtual Sessions

  • Mid-South Sociological Association: Embedded sessions (hybrid)
    • Thursday, 10/21/21, 8:00-9:15 EDT. Session 1: A Sociologist’s Guide to Publishing Open Access, Francesca Halstead, Wiley (virtual)
    • Thursday, 10/21/21, 9:30-10:45 EDT. Session 2: Editors’ Panel (virtual), Cameron Lippard, Appalachian State University and J. Scott Carter, University of Central Florida, Co-Editors Sociological Inquiry; Daphne Pedersen and Krista Minotte, University of North Dakota, co-editors, The Social Science Journal; Barbara Prince, Lebanon Valley College, Deputy Editor, Teaching Sociology
    • Day/Time TBD. Session 3: AKD’s Statement on Systemic Racism: Moving Forward with Action, Dennis McSeveney, University of New Orleans, President, AKD (virtual)
    • Friday, 10/22/21, 2:30-3:345 EDT. Session 4: Preparing for the Academic Job Market, Valentina Cantori, University of Southern California, Graduate Student Representative, AKD; Frankie Frank, Past-Graduate Student Representative, AKD (hybrid)


Join colleagues interested in teaching pedagogy, practical application, and the scholarship of teaching and learning from a variety of academic settings in a workshop/sessions designed to expose the inner workings of course design, student engagement, meaningful learning, and effective assessment. These workshops and sessions will benefit those working within a range of settings, including instructors from community colleges and small liberal arts institutions, as well as early-career faculty and graduate students.

Each session/event is intended to advance the quality of teaching in the discipline of sociology.

Fellowship Funding Available

  • Virtual/In-person Workshops at regional sociology conferences: Alpha Kappa Delta will provide funding to up to three AKD fellowships to support participation in each Workshop hosted at a regional sociology conference.
    • Virtual: Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.
    • In-person: Up to $250 will be reimbursed to cover travel expenses, including hotel stay, airfare/mileage, registration, and other expenses.

We will have a presence at the following 2021-2022 conferences:

    • Mid-South Sociological Association 

All sociologists are encouraged to apply for the AKD Fellowship. It is part of AKD’s purpose and mission to serve segments of the sociology community that are currently under-served. To that end, the selection committee will consider institutional affiliation at community colleges, HBCUs, HSIs, and tribal colleges as a positive factor when assessing applications for the AKD fellowships. Graduate students will also be highly considered.

Fellowship Application Deadlines

MSSA: September 25, 2021


The following application must be completed and emailed to us by the appropriate deadline:

Final selections will be made after the deadline and everyone will be notified of the committee’s selection shortly after that date.

Requirements if Selected as a Fellow

(When in person): In order to qualify for reimbursement as an AKD Fellow, you must attend at least three of the five sessions. You will need to obtain a signature from one of the session presenters and answer the questions on page 2 of this form (as well as complete a travel voucher sent from the Executive Office).

Additionally, if selected as a Fellow, you will be expected to develop a new pedagogical technique, course, or curricular innovation inspired by the workshop and to provide AKD with a progress report on your work after the workshop is completed. We will follow up with you periodically (three months, six months, nine months, etc.) to see how you are doing and if there is anything we or the program organizers and facilitators can do to help.